electrical prefabrication

                                       Our Mission

Seek out organizations that we can build long-term winning relationships with. We believe our success comes  only if our customers are successful.  

Through immediate response, superior customer service, competitive pricing and an honest approach, Midwest Prefabrication is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety, leadership and performance to our clients across the nation.

By way of our continuous development and commitments in the areas of integrity, craft training and safety, we will always uphold our company’s commitment as a "Leader in Electrical Prefabrication”


What We Do

Although some contractors are using prefab in their own shops, our offsite services provide an opportunity to free up your  skilled labor to fill your job site needs. Why not leave the prefabrication to a team of specialists with a proven track record. We are an offsite prefabrication company only and do     not offer field installations.



Together with our combined years of prefab experience on what specifically saves time and money, our  (LEAN) methodologies are sure to make your projects more successful!


Seasoned Pros,Go with someone who's been there.

electrical prefabrication

electrical prefabrication

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How we can help

As a "stand alone"         prefabrication entity, our shop is built, designed and manned for  efficiency. We are able to prefabricate electrical assemblies in a fraction of the time that it can be performed in the field thus freeing up the contractor’s vital field personnel. By building assemblies, bending conduit, etc. in a controlled shop environment specifically tailored for the purpose. We operate at a low labor rate with limited overhead passing that savings directly onto our clients.


electrical prefabrication

We are a stand alone prefabrication shop only. We are not a field contractor, therefore we do not offer field installations.